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man sitting in dental chair smilingAlthough not frequently used, there are times when IV sedation is appropriate during a dental procedure. For instance, most patients are much better off with this type of sedation when they are having wisdom teeth extracted. IV sedation can also be beneficial for patients who must have several procedures completed during a single appointment as well as those with physical or developmental limitations. In these and other circumstances, relaxation dentistry in Allentown can safely and effectively be employed so you can have the dental treatment you need for a healthy and beautiful smile.

What are the Advantages of IV Sedation in Dentistry?

As with the other forms of relaxation dentistry that your dentist in Allentown offers—oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas)—IV sedation is meant to keep you completely comfortable during your dental treatment. Of course, IV sedation provides a deeper level of relaxation. In fact, you may feel as if you’ve slept through your entire appointment.

In truth, however, you are not asleep, but in what is called twilight sleep. Dr. Tomko and her staff will ask you questions during treatment and you will be able to respond. However, at the end of your appointment you probably won’t remember much of what happened after you sat down in the dentist’s chair.

How is IV Sedation Administered?

Dr. Tomko works with a group of highly regarded anesthesiologists in Allentown. As an expert in anesthesia, one of these doctors comes to our office to administer the IV sedation and monitor you the entire length of your appointment. They ensure your safety and can adjust the dosage if necessary.

An IV sedative is delivered through your veins. The anesthesiologist will insert a very small needle in the crook of your elbow or the back of your hand. If needles make you nervous, dentist near me Dr. Tomko can prescribe a mild oral sedative for you to take before your appointment, or we can apply a topical numbing cream at the site where the needle will be inserted.

With IV sedation, you will not be able to drive. Therefore, you must designate a responsible adult to bring you to our office and remain with you throughout your appointment. You may also want some company for the first few hours after you arrive back home. Don’t plan on driving, operating heavy machinery or making any important decisions for at least 12 hours after IV sedation.

Pre- and Post-Sedation Instructions

For at least eight hours before you are scheduled to have IV sedation you should not eat or drink. You may be able to take daily oral medication with a small amount of water; discuss this with Dr. Tomko prior to your appointment.

Recovery after IV sedation is different for everyone. You may feel somewhat alert after the IV is stopped, or you may need some time to relax. When you get home, take time to rest, sleep and drink clear fluids.

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